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AdThrive was founded in 2013 by a husband-and-wife blogging team with the vision to help creators grow their ad income and work their dream jobs by creating digital content that matters.

Since then, AdThrive’s passion for helping publishers continues to grow! In 2016, we came together with CafeMedia, a leading digital media company, to do even more to serve publishers. Together our team offers world class experts in programmatic advertising and amazing relationships with the largest brands and advertisers, giving our publishers exclusive access to premium campaigns. In addition, we’re helping improve reader experience, overall site health, and so much more!

We know what it takes to create and share valuable content because our team is made up of publishers just like you! We stay ahead of the changing ad landscape, so you don’t have to. We’ll always have your best interest in mind because we understand the hard work you put in to provide a valuable service to your readers and we think you should be well paid for it!


  • Aaron

    Glue that holds everything together, Fishing Jedi

  • Amy

    Publisher Support & Official Joy Spreading Machine

  • Becca

    Communications support & happy helper

  • Brit

    Experience Coordinator & Broadway Musical Expert

  • Brynne

    Rock Star Social Media & Communications Support

  • Cliff

    Customer happiness engineer, dances with rabbits

  • Courtney

    Director of Publisher Delight & Epic Party Planner

  • Danny

    Director of Innovation & Ad-ops, Most Interesting Man in the World 1st runner up

  • Ginny

    Publisher Support Specialist & Chief Smile Deliverer

  • Jacob

    Champion Ad Installer, Spreadsheet Whisperer

  • Jake

    Wordpress Wizard & Happiness Engineer

  • James

    Director of Performance, Master Ad Optimizer

  • Jerm

    Lead Developer & Code Magician

  • Jordan

    Director of Publisher Relationships, Boy Band Front Man

  • Krans

    Tech Support & Lead Beard Grower

  • Kristen

    Communications support & expert quilter

  • Lindsey

    Data & Communication Specialist, Pocket Full of Sunshine

  • Linley

    Real-life Disney Princess & Communications Support

  • Megan

    Communications support & world traveling guru

  • Michael

    Web Code Genius & Client Support

  • Morgan

    Wonderwoman Tech Support

  • Nicole

    Performance Champ & Honorary Hobbit

  • Robyn

    Problem solver & adventure seeker

  • Sarah

    Social Media Superhero & Cat Wrangler

  • Shannon

    The world's best & only ballerina developer

  • Trent

    Data Analysis & Client Onboarding Superhero

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